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National Professional Qualifications (NPQs)

What are they?

The NPQs (National Professional Qualifications) are trusted and widely recognised qualifications accredited by the Department for Education.

They are designed to help aspiring or existing middle and senior leaders develop and consolidate their skills, to become effective across teams, organisations and beyond.

They are open to all teachers and leaders in schools in England and Wales.

Full scholarship funding is available to support all NPQs.

Which NPQ is the right one for me?

Specialist NPQsLeadership NPQs

Why are the NPQs high quality training?


We have partnered with UCL IOE to deliver high quality training, drawing on their long standing and world renowned teacher education expertise to deliver programmes that are knowledge and evidence based.

The content is drawn from expert theory and current practice, and sessions are delivered by an outstanding team of facilitators who are themselves practising senior leaders and headteachers, located in the North East London region.

More information on the National Professional Qualifications reforms is available here.

You can find more information for UCL’s prospective participants here.